Live concerts tracking app


the Alive – concerts tracking app, which brings together social networks and booking agencies. It makes it easy to stay updated about users’ favourite artists’ concerts.

The goal of this particular project is to design the concept of a mobile app and determine the main features to prioritize for the next iteration of the development of the product.


Product Designer

User Research, Interaction, Visual Design, Prototyping & Testing

Understanding the problem

The modern hectic world doesn’t let us embrace all events we would love to go to. Missing a concert of our favourite band can really make us feel down for a long time.

So we decided to solve this problem with our app. The main idea of this app is to inform users about concert announcements and what’s more – only of those artists which user really loves, without any spam.

We used Customer Journey Map to uncover pain points of the existing journey for our potential users. Also, we conducted competitor analysis to be sure that our product will stand out from others.

Insights gained

Users want

Be sure that they will not miss live concerts of their favourite artists. This problem is especially true for people who love foreign musical bands and singers which are not popular in Russia.

Fans want to be first who will know about favourite bands upcoming concert and be sure that they will be able to buy the best tickets for the event.

Users want to have an extra feature: the full organization of a trip by our service: from your hometown to the city or even the country, where the concert will be held.

Competitors weaknesses

  • There’s no integration with VK profile.
  • Most of services notify users about events in which they are not interested

Technologies allow to:

  • easily integrate different online services
  • conduct accurate analysis for personalized recommendations
  • track a start of ticket sales

Narrowing down the scope of work

After user research had been conducted we prioritized feature development with the effort impact matrix.
The key features which we decided to develop firstly:

  • Authorisation with VK profile
  • Ability to set list of tracked artists by users themself
  • Inform users about concerts announcements and updates
  • Show users places and links where they can buy tickets

The app uses users’ playlists from music services and social networks to create a list of users’ preferences.

By using booking services API our app starts searching for concerts of artists from the list obtained in the previous step and recommends to users what it’s found.

Results and takeaways

Created a strategic plan to launch an MVP. In the next iterations we consider the development of the following features:

  • Purchase tickets in-app
  • Full organization of a trip from hometown to city or even country, where the concert will be held.